MNSSHP, MVMCP what does these letters mean and are the worth the money

Anyone who has frequented any Disney website, message board or Facebook group has probably seen these acronyms and possibly wondered what they mean.

MNSSHP stands for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and MVMCP is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. These are ticketed themed events when the Magic Kingdom closes early and only those who purchase a ticket are invited to join the Halloween or Christmas themed activities. Halloween parties run early September to Halloween and Christmas parties  run November and December. The party runs from 7pm-12am, however your ticket typically gets you in the park at 4pm. The cost averages approximately $60 a person and varies depending on how close the party falls to the actual holiday and if tickets are purchased in advance.

What’s Included 

Included with admission

– Access to many (but not quite all) rides in the Magic KIngdom

– Character Dance Parties

– Holiday Themed Parade

– Holiday Fireworks display

– During Halloween kids and adults can dress up in costume and trick or treat throughout the park. At Christmas watch it snow on main street and enjoy gingerbread cookies and hot cocoa.

Is it worth the price tag?

The price of a ticket for MNSSHP or MVMCP is cheaper than a single day admission to any of  the parks, but for anyone purchasing a multi day pass where the price per day is reduced the cost of the party may be more than adding an extra regular day of parks to your vacation.

The parties are a unique and fun experience. We have attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party as well as the previously offered Pirate and Princess Party. Here are some photos from our parties.

The benefits:

Since the Magic Kingdom closes at 7pm for non anyone not attending the party the park tends to be less busy. Since ticket purchasers can typically enter around 4pm there is 3 hours of prime riding time before the party starts. Last September we arrived at 4pm and were able to ride almost all the rides in Magical Kingdom and participated in the party activities between 4pm and 11:00pm.

I am often on the fence about whether park hopper passes are needed for anyone visiting WDW for more than a couple of days, but I tend to find that there is one park that I want an extra half day at. Purchasing a party ticket allows you to use your park pass for the day at a different park and then your party ticket to get into the Magic Kingdom later in the day. When we attended the Pirate and Princess Party we spent the day at one of Disney’s Water Parks prior to attending the party. The party can also be great for your day of arrival if you are not getting up really early for flights or can be great for a pool/resort day.


Will my kids stay awake?

Whether we are up late for a Disney Party or making the most of Extra Magic Hours we have never had a problem with the kids staying up late for the party. The key is to not overdue it during they day. My kids did not last until 12am at the last party, but I definitely felt like we got our money’s work and we left just after 11pm.

The parties are a great experience and a really fun opportunity for those who have visited WDW multiple times and are looking for something new. For those traveling for the first time it is a lot a fun, but not an absolute must do. If you are travelling to WDW during this time and not planning to attend a party keep a close eye on park hours to ensure that you visit Magic Kingdom on days when the park is not closing early for the party.